REVEALED! Nokia Lumia 928 Leaked Screenshot From Verizon Wireless Inventory

nokia lumia 928

Nokia Lumia 928 has been seen on the Verizon Wireless Inventory. It was put on it back in January. So if you have a contract with Verizon you should be pretty excited right now? Right? I know lot’s of people have been waiting for the Nokia Lumia 928. And you want to get your hands on it. Well it will come out in the near future sometime. I don’t know for sure when. But it will sometime. So that is good to hear! Take a look at the screenshot below and see for yourself. Isn’t this great?

Nokia Lumia 928 spotted in Verizon Wirelesss inventory

[via SlashGear]

[via PhoneArena]

By Kate Kutny +

Kate Kutny
Kate Kutny

I will look for more information about the Lumia 928 and make an update as soon as possible. Thanks for the comment!!

Lumia 928 fan
Lumia 928 fan

I can't wait till more information gets known about the Lumia 928. Next to this screenshot there is not much information yet!